"RUSE CHEMICALS" AD is the largest producer of Phthalic anhydride in Eastern Europe.

"RUSE CHEMICALS" AD is a part of POLICOLOR Group. The main shareholder is "Whitebeam Holdings Limited" having its registered offices in Malta, owned by the company "Policolor", Romania.

The history of more than 110 years of Orgachim dates back to the year 1901 - the foundation of a trading company under the name of Alebrt B. Iskovich”. The company survives through different forms of ownerships, through economic crises and world wars. In 2013 "Orgachim" Jcs is divided in three independent companies:

  • "Orgachim" AD - manufacturer of paints and varnishes.
  • "RUSE CHEMICALS" AD - producer of Phthalic and Maleic anhydrides;
  • "Orgachim Resins" AD - manufacturer of synthetic resins and polyvinyl acetate dispersions;

„RUSE CHEMICALS” AD is situated in the town of Ruse on the northern Bulgarian border and 71 km away from the capital of Romania - Bucharest. The company owns a production site of 111,864 sqm / fully independent from Orgachim Jsc/. The installation for production of Phthalic and Maleic anhydrides is made under BASF license and started operation in 1991. The annual production capacity for Phthalic anhydride is 22,000 metric tons and for Maleic anhydride is 700 metric tons. Apart from the installation for anhydride production, the company owns installations: for crystallization and packaging of Phthalic anhydride, for production of chemically demineralized water; incineration of liquid and solid waste thus providing wasteless production.

The produced quantities of Phthalic and Maleic anhydrides the company sells mainly in Turkey, Romania, Bulgaria, Germany, Italy, Greece, Ukraine etc.

„RUSE CHEMICALS” AD as a company that guarantees the quality of the produced chemicals and is responsible for people’s health and the protection of environment is certified under ISO 9001, ISO 14001 и OHSAS 18001 by TUV NORD CERT GmbH. Details about the certificates held.

As a company which invests in new technologies, "Orgachim" Jsc joined the 28 participants from 14 countries that participated in the project EuroBioRef coordinated by CNRS – France that started on 01 of March 2010. The Project deals with the whole process of transformation of biomass from agricultural production to the field of final commercial products. Orgachim Jsc searched for alternative methods for production of Maleic anhydride.

Information on planning measures in the event of an emergency.